The Young and the Tactless is the nineteenth episode of the third season and the 64th overall. This episode marks the first appearance of Woody Harrelson as Nathan.


Grace gives romantic advice to her slovenly new neighbor Nathan in hope of reuniting him with his girlfriend so he will move away. Meanwhile, Will and Jack are out on the town with an unwelcome chaperone: Karen's oblivious mother-in-law.





  • The Atom Bar is a homophone of Adam Barr (a writer/producer for Will & Grace).
  • We find out Karen's age in this episode. Jack accidentally blurts it out. She is 42 as of this episode.


Nathan:Hey, you're a girl. What is the most romantic Megadeath song?
Nathan:Well, I had a big fight with my girlfriend. She says I'm aimless and don't have any ambition, so I decided to make her this tape: "Heavy Metal Songs of Love and Devotion."
Grace:Hey, good plan. Yeah, you know, I always thought that if Humphrey Bogart had just made Ingrid Bergman a mix tape, she never would've gotten on that plane.

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