Vincent "Vince" D'Angelo is a New York police officer and Will's ex-boyfriend.


Vince lives in Henry Street in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in Flushing, Queens, New York with his Italian-American family. He mentions that they also lived in Bayonne. His parents are Paul and Annette, and all four of his brothers are cops.[1] Vince says that he did not set out to be a cop but just wanted "to wear blue and ride around in a car with another guy all day". His younger sister Ro mentions that she knew Vince is gay when he beat up a guy in high school who said Lee Majors was dopey.[2]

He mentions once being addicted to pain killers, during which he used to pistol whip people for jaywalking.[3]

Relationship with Will

Vince meets Will while the latter is teaching Karen how to drive and gets pulled over for speeding. Will notices that Vince forgot to sign the ticket and takes the matter to court in revenge for being rude to them. However, soon after finding out each other's names, they realize that their friends Joe and Larry have been trying to set them up for months so Karen drops the case and the two start going out.[4]

The relationship soon gets awry as Vince gets fired from the force and then from Harry Winston Jewelers and suffers a break down. He spends a month on the couch which starts to bother Will, who is on the verge of being promoted to partner at his firm. Though Will stands up for Vince, they decide to take a break for Vince to get his life back together.[5] After dating for two seasons, Vince has become Will's longest relationship since Michael.

Vince reappears several episodes later as the waiter at Will and Grace's table at a restaurant called The Pasta Village. They later find out that he is back in the force as a detective and is undercover.

Vince attends Will's father's funeral which deeply touches Will. They express how much they missed each other and subsequently get back together.[6] Though they break up again after Will chooses Grace over Vince.[7] In Karen's dream they get back together and father a child together named Ben, who later becomes engaged to Grace and Leo's daughter Lila.


Vince is portrayed as tough, being an officer of the law, though he shows a softer emotional side with Will. He is shown to be romantic and describes himself as an "old-fashioned homosexual".[7] He also enjoys crafts such as sewing, making scented candles and lotions and once made everybody on the force use moisturizer on their hands.[8] Vince is also shown to be very conscious of his skin and his hair.[8][2]

Being raised in an Italian-American family, he is shown to be very close to his large family. He seems to think that his father is highly critical of him, though he also expresses desire to earn his approval. Will says that because he's a gay Catholic, he may "never feel clean".[9]



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