Von Trapped is the 10th episode of the eighth season and 180th overall.

Will, Jack, Grace, and Karen all go to The Sound of Music sing-along but things go wrong and they all end up being chased by the theater staff.


The Sound of Music Sing-Along is in town so the friends, clearly fans of the film, dress up and decide to see it. Grace dresses up as Maria von Trapp, Will dresses up as Captain Von Trapp, and Jack dresses up as one of the children.

Will, however accidentally goes to the wrong theater and meets an attractive guy named James. They drink at the bar but Will soon needs to leave. When he finally meets with his friends, Will expresses regret over not ask for James' number because he did not want to seem desperate.

While waiting for Will, Grace gets mistaken for a child care service and is left with seven children to care for, just like Maria von Trapp; and Jack flirts with the usher at the candy counter named Ralph, a reference to Rolfe in the movie.

Before the show starts, Karen throws her empty hip flask over the balcony and hits someone who complains to manager of the theater. Now wanted by the ushers, Karen disguises as a nun and calls herself "Sis. Frances Beaverhausen". As they worry the management is going to press charges, Rosario comes in dressed up as the Mother Abbess and hides them in a closet inside the theater. As they finally make their run, James comes in a second too late and misses Will.




  • Taye Diggs (James Hanson)
  • Steven Petrarca (Ralph)
  • Jennette McCurdy (Oldest Girl)
  • Gigi Goff (Littlest Girl)
  • Nick Nervies (Boy)
  • Jennie Fahn (Mom #1)
  • Candy Ford (Mom #2)
  • Julie Fleischer (Mom #3)


  • Will & Grace makes a mid-season move to 8:00 PM EST/PST.
  • This episode contains many references to the The Sound of Music, including:
    • Jack's romance with Ralph is a reference to Liesl von Trapp's romance with Rolfe
    • Rosario rescuing Karen and her friends references the Mother Abbess rescuing the Von Trapp family from the Nazi
    • Will recalls twirling under a helicopter similar to Maria von Trapp during the opening scene of the movie
    • When James asks Will, "how do you solve a problem like Maria?", he replies "How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?", all lyrics to the song Maria
    • After Grace finds out the children have not watched the film she says, "I'm starting to think I was sent to you children for a reason," similar to the line Maria said to the Von Trapp children
    • "What is it you can't face?"
    • Ralph finding the friends hiding in the closet references the ending of the film where Rolfe finds the Von Trapp family hiding inside the abbey and letting them escape
  • James' first appearance. He appears again in 3 more episodes later in the season.


Karen:That was delicious. You know, there is nothing like a balanced breakfast to start your day off right.
Will:What's balanced about nine uppers and an iced coffee?
Karen:At home I had nine downers and a hot tea.
Grace:Do you think people can tell I'm Maria, even though I don't have my Captain Von Trapp?
Karen:Of course, honey. You make a perfect Maria. You're sweet and perky, and you're obviously not cut out to be a nun... because you're a whore... and a Jew-
Grace:Yeah, I got it!
Jack:Tell me something, peanut brittle. If we were boyfriends, would I be able to get free nachos?
Ralph:Yes. Would you like some free nachos?
Jack:Oh, no I couldn't! I'm watching your figure.

It's official. Ralph and I are in love. His butter might be fake, but his feelings for me are very real. Jack

Grace:You go and save seats in the front row of the balcony. I brought marionettes to dangle over the orchestra during "Lonely Goatherd."
Karen:You know, honey, if you put even half this much energy into finding a man... Nah, probably still wouldn't work.
Will:I think I met someone!
Grace:I don't see how that's possible, because every gay man in the city is in this theater. There's so much lisping going on, it sounds like someone poked a hole in the lobby.
on the phone
Jack:I brought us some sodas. And Ralph gave me Fireballs.
Karen:Try not to itch, honey. It only makes it worse.
Grace:(singing Do-Re-Mi) Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. [...] When you read, you begin with--
Jack:Grace! Grace! Grace!
Grace:You know what I do when I feel scared?
Jack:Fart a little and then deny it?
to the children
Rosario:I played Gretl in the El Salvador First National production.
Karen:Oh, Ro-Ro. I would have payed six chickens to see that.
Rosario:It was an equity theater, you racist bitch.

Wierdly, this is not the first time a nun has urged me to stay in the closet. Jack