How to Vote

1. Look at the 3 options available for each categories (Featured Quote, Featured Media, Featured Charactor, Selected Picture)

2. Choose one from the three available for each category.

3. Go down to the bottom of the page with the article named 'Vote 1'. Click the edit Button and put a title saying 'Vote 2' or if there is already a vote put 'Vote 3' etc.. List what you prefer would be featured, and click 'Publish'. But remeber, any vandalism to this or any other page on this wiki, leads to an automatic ban. (Site Policy)

4. you can only vote once.


  1. Will and grace Reunion!
  2. Midnight Train scene
  3. Karen - Hey Ya!


  1. Will - I'm Hungry. Grace - I'm thirsty. Karen - I could hump a tree.
  2. Will - How many single girls do you know that-that don't wear a wedding ring? Grace - It's being re-sized. Will - Yea, in your pocket, whore.
  3. Karen - Honey, I couldn't understand your message 'some Mary needs a line of blow'? Grace - 'I'm in line for Bary Manalow'.


  1. Jack McFarland
  2. Will Truman
  3. Karen Walker

Selected Picture (type the caption)

Vote 1

  1. Midnight Train scene
  2. Will - I'm Hungry. Grace - I'm thirsty. Karen - I could hump a tree.
  3. Karen Walker
  4. Line dancing Scene

Vote 2

your vote goes here!

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