Where There's a Will, There's No Way is the seventh episode of the first season.


Grace blames her relationship with Will as the reason for her lack of interest in dating and decides they can no longer have fun together. Meanwhile, Jack enlists Will's help when the IRS catches up with him.




  • Steve Paymer (Steve)
  • Eric Gustavson (Sebastian)
  • Julian McMahon (Guy)
  • Roy Fegan (Auditor)
  • Todd Eckert (Jurgen Franzblau)


  • Gary Grubbs is listed in the opening credits, but doesn't actually appear in this episode.
  • This is the first episode to abandon the original black and white look and go with the current blue logo.

Cultural References

  • Grace says "Listen to me. I'm a bi-level haircut away from Lilith Fair." The Lilith fair was an all-women concert tour that promoted several issues, including gay lifestyle.


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