Whoa, Nelly! is the 13th episode of the fourth season and 79th overall.

Karen buys a horse for breeding but Jack finds out that the horse is gay. Will and Grace sets up their gay friend Larry with Will's father's mistress Tina.



Karen buys a horse they named Lamar. Shortly after letting Lamar out to start breeding, Jack finds out he's gay. Karen is disappointed and orders to sell and get rid of Lamar immediately.

As Karen explains to Lamar how he is not what she signed up for, the horse nibbles on her scarf, prompting Karen to realize her fashion faux pas. She realizes how much she loves him and orders for Lamar to stay.

Tina & Larry

Grace devices a plan to make Will's father's mistress Tina realize that there are other men interested in her and sets her up with another married man. However, the man cancels and they are forced to take their friend Larry (who is married to Joe) as Tina's date.

Ep 04 13-0

"Treat her like she's your mother."

When things get awkward as Larry has never been on a date with a woman, Grace gives him an advise: to treat Tina like her mother--which Tina enjoys.

Back at the apartment, Tina begins lambasting George in front of Will, who comes to his defense telling how much his father loved him growing up. Tina promptly realizes how much she really loves George and turns down Larry, putting an end to Will and Grace's plan.





  • Jack met a sailor during Fleet Week a tradition among the US navy forces and a popular party season in New York.
  • Will's uncle fathered a child with a Korean woman during the Korean War.
  • Joe and Larry are holding a Moulin Rouge! Coming Out On DVD party.
  • Karen mentions that Jack is not allowed within 10 feet of Kevin Bacon. However in season 5, Jack stalks Kevin Bacon and he has no idea who Jack is.

Cultural references

  • At the video store, Will jokes that something smells because "somebody took The Wiz", a play on the slang "to take a whiz" meaning to urinate.
  • Karen started her dream to have a whole stable full of horses when she took her first Black Beauty, a diet pill with powerful amphetamines and allusion to the 1887 novel by Anna Sewell about the eponymous stallion.
  • Jack mentions Welsh singer Charlotte Church was "deprived of a childhood by her fame-hungry parents".



The party was a huge success, although Joe pulled a muscle doing the can-can.
He can't can't.

Karen:This is all your fault. You spoiled him the way you doted on him, constantly brushing him, French-braiding his tail, putting clear polish on his hooves.
Jack:All I did was love him!
on Lamar's homosexuality

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