Will's apartment is the rent-controlled apartment located on the 9th floor of 155 Riverside Drive in the Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York. It is the most used location in the series, being the residence of Will and for most of the series with Grace. Jack has referred to it as "the apartment that sex forgot."[1]


Will moved in sometime before the series, presumably with his then-boyfriend Michael as it was stated that they lived together when they were still dating.[2][3] Will also became the president of the tenants' association. After his argument with Grace about the opening of fireplaces, Grace runs against him during the elections and wins.[4]

At the start of the series, Jack briefly moves in with Will before being asked to moved out so Grace can have a place to stay after leaving Danny. Jack regularly comes to the apartment as he says he "lives there when Will is at work"[5].

During season 4, Will and Grace briefly sells the apartment to Rob and Ellen for more so they can afford a more expensive apartment.[6]

After season 8

The set for Will's apartment was donated by series co-creator and alumni Max Mutchnick to Emerson College Library in Massachusetts.

The apartment is seen again as the setting of the #VoteHoney special during the 2016 Presidential elections and will be used on the ninth season.


  • Grace mentions that the apartment has a view of Central Park[7] and of New Jersey from her bedroom window[8].



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