Will Works Out is the 19th episode of the first season.


Will invites Jack to his gym on a "buddy pass," but when he expresses his embarrassment to Grace over his buddy's gay behavior, Jack overhears the comments and looks to set him straight about prejudice. Meanwhile, Grace continues to lend her ear when Karen's marriage hits rocky ground and she and Karen share an evening of girl talk.




  • Ben Reed (Richard Keller)
  • Vanessa Giorgio (Woman)


  • "Alley Cats" was originally scheduled to be shown, but was swapped at the last minute with "Will Works Out."
  • The slur Will uses to describe Jack has a polarizing effect, although the same word is reused numerous times throughout the rest of the series.


Jack:I got busted at the gym.
Will:For what? Feeling something other than the burn?

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