Women and Children First is the 16th episode of the fifth season and 114th overall.


Grace has a girl's night in Brooklyn with Karen, Rosario, Ellen and new neighbor Julie -- and she offends Karen when she doesn't take her advice regarding Leo. Meanwhile, Jack reconnects with his childhood babysitter and falls back into childhood patterns, befuddling (and disturbing) Will.





  • Originally a 45-minute episode, heavily edited down to 30 minutes for repeats.
  • There is a continuity mistake in this episode: Karen appears as though she's meeting Julie for the first time, although they are referenced as meeting offscreen in Fagmalion Part One: Gay It Forward.


Ellen:Rob's boring, and it's his fault I'm fat.
Julie:At least he works. The only thing my husband did last year is add "Southern accent" to his résumé.
, Women and Children First

Why does everyone outgrow me? I mean... I know being a babysitter is all flashy and ooh-la-la. But you don't know the heartbreak behind it. Sissy

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