Yours, Mine or Ours is the 16th episode of the first season of Will and Grace.


Stunned to find they have a 'date' with the same guy, Will and Grace compete for the affections of a handsome, charming new neighbor at dinner, and even Jack's finely-tuned gaydar can't pick up his preference. Meanwhile, Karen contemplates firing her driver and in a twist of irony asks Grace to role-play firing an incompetent employee.


"Grace, Grace Adler. Well, just Grace Adler. It would be a little weird if Grace was my middle name, too."


"I'm a Scorpio. We love to travel."





Cultural References

  • The song Will sings with Jack in his office is "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" from the musical Showboat.
  • Jack mentions that "they haven't sung a showtune since Jimmy Swaggart got caught with a hooker", referring to the series of sex scandals involving the evangelical pastor in the 1980s.


Peter:Is everyone is this building good-looking?
Will:Oh, no. We make the ugly ones take the stairs.
meeting in the elevator

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