Zandra is Jack's acting teacher.


Zandra was teaching an acting class at The Learning Annex where Jack attends. She has made a reputation for treating her students cruelly, such as pulling their hair[1], and putting a cigarette out on their eyes[2].

Actors' Retirement Village




If I still smoked, I would take my Parliament and stick it in your eye! (sigh) Oh, what the hell. I'm just gonna jab you with this dirty fork. Went to a Garden Potty

What the hell is this, bitch? While Jack is actingThe Needle and the Omelet's Done

I still remember the night that Don Ameche tied me to this radiator with my bra. Flip-Flop: Part 1

Zandra:This better be good. You're taking time away from my slow, agonizing march toward death.
Jack:Well, I won't keep you.
meeting with JackWent to A Garden Potty


  1. Prison Blues
  2. Blanket Apology

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